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Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center

Poison-Logo.jpgThe Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is a center of excellence at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. The center is certified by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC).
Free • Confidential
24 hours a day 7 days a week 

Call us:

  • If you think someone has been poisoned
  • If someone has taken too many drugs or unknown medications
  • If you need to know more about a drug
  • If you or your pet has been stung or bitten by a poisonous creature
  • If you need information about preventing accidental poisonings


What we do

  • We have pharmacists to answer questions on poison and drug exposures and information.
  • We have physicians who are experts in toxicology.
  • We have genetic counselors to answer questions about medicines and chemicals during pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding.
  • We have a nurse to provide public outreach to the community and healthcare professionals.
  • We do research in toxicology and new drug development.
  • We are a toxicology teaching site for pharmacy and medical students and residents.
  • We are the site for southern Arizona' s only Medical Toxicology Fellowship.


Want to know more about the sorts of calls we answer? Read this story about one 24-hour period.

Interested in our Medical Toxicology Fellowship? There's more information here.


Special concerns about a substance taken while you are pregnant or breastfeeding?
You may want to call the pregnancy riskline.

Want more information about staying safe?
Check out POISONology on this site. These are handy fact sheets designed for you to print out and share.

Find us on Facebook. Our specialists post interesting facts and issues related to our calls.


The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is a public service funded by the state through the Arizona Department of Health Services. In recent years, the state cut center funding by 50 percent. This significant reduction has made it difficult to maintain the high quality of service we have provided for more than 50 years. If you'd like to help, you may make on online donation through the University of Arizona Foundation.

Learn more about budget cuts in the past few years on our Funding Page.

Updated: Monday, 07 April 2014